Monthly Update: December

Hey guys! I’m here with my usual monthly update on all things book related. November was an incredibly busy month for me, both with writing and personal/family related stuff. I’m happy to report that it was very productive. I managed to complete my...

Monthly Update: November 2016

Hey guys I have two months to catch up on because I missed October. That’s the first month I’ve managed to forget, but in my defence my life was a bit of a shitshow at the time. Thankfully things are a lot more settled for me now, so I’m back on track with all things...

Monthly update for July

So… June was quite a month. For me, it was mostly a month of personal upheaval and self-discovery. Sadly that means it wasn’t a very good month for writing because I didn’t have a whole lot of headspace left. It wasn’t all bad though. I went to Euro Pride Con in...

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