Monthly Update: November 2016

Hey guys I have two months to catch up on because I missed October. That’s the first month I’ve managed to forget, but in my defence my life was a bit of a shitshow at the time. Thankfully things are a lot more settled for me now, so I’m back on track with all things...

Into You is out today!

Into You is out today, so here are the details and links! This is something a little different to my usual stories. It’s a ‘high school’ (although the UK version) body swap story. The characters are both eighteen, so I would consider it new adult...

Into You is coming soon. Teaser/excerpt

My next release, Into You, will be out in less than three weeks now. The advance review copies have been distributed to blogs this weekend (if you’re a blogger and would like to get hold of one, you can fill in this form to request a copy). Into You is a little...

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