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Happy Update: Starting from Scratch is now finally on KU along with the rest of the Housemates series.

It took over four weeks, countless emails and tweets to Amazon and KDP, and who knows what finally made the difference? But I’m very happy to report that Amazon have finally unfucked their shit, and as of today, Starting from … Continue reading

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An apology/explanation to my readers about why one book from my series is ‘missing’ on KU

I wanted to blog about this in the hopes of reaching readers who don’t necessarily see my social media grumblings. I’ve received several emails from readers about this, and I’m as frustrated as you are. Starting from Scratch is supposed … Continue reading

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Author Tips: How to add editorial reviews to your book listing

This is one of those things that I only found out a few books in to my writing career because some helpful person told me. So, I’m passing the info on in case it’s helpful to anyone else who hasn’t … Continue reading

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Kindle Unlimited: Is a borrow better/worse than a sale?

As an author who has some books enrolled in Kindle Unlimited. I often get asked questions by readers (and other authors) about KU and how it works from an author’s perspective. I may end up writing more than one post … Continue reading

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