MM Romance Readership Survey: Results

by | Jul 18, 2018 | survey

The aim of this survey was to find out more about the demographics of people who are reading gay (MM) romance. Specifically, there were questions about age, sexuality, and gender identity. I had a total of 2355 responses.

The sample is obviously skewed towards people who are active on social media as this is how the survey was primarily shared. However several authors also shared it in their newsletters in an attempt to reach some readers who might not be social media users.

I tried to make the answers as inclusive as possible by giving a range of gender and sexual identities for people to choose from. Inevitably there were some people who didn’t feel the choices reflected their identity. For that, I apologise and I appreciated the feedback.

I will present the results here using pie charts created in Google Forms. I’m not a statistician so won’t attempt to interpret them. But I hope that you find it interesting/informative.

Please note that in the gender/sexuality pies there are lots of tiny sections that aren’t labelled. These reflect identities chosen by a very small %, some of these are where people chose more than one option (which was the way the survey was set up) – for example, gay and homoromantic, or straight and asexual. If you would like to see the full raw data I’ve made it public (it was all anonymous of course) so you can view that here.

Thanks to everyone who took part in the survey.


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