I wanted to blog about this in the hopes of reaching readers who don’t necessarily see my social media grumblings. I’ve received several emails from readers about this, and I’m as frustrated as you are.
Starting from Scratch is supposed to be on Kindle Unlimited along with the rest of the Housemates series. It’s been nine days since I enrolled books 1-5. Books 1-4 are showing up just fine, but Starting from Scratch is still missing from KU, and Amazon have failed to fix the issue.
So, the upshot is that I’m left trying to promote a new release in a series that *should* all be available on KU… but isn’t. And my readers are left having to buy a book that they should be able to borrow if they want to be able to read my series in order.
Amazon are supposedly working on the issue but clearly with little success so far. I emailed Jeff Bezos directly and got a reply from one of his people to say that they’re looking into it as well as the usual KDP minions. But that was 4 days ago now and still nothing.
I would like to send a huge thank you to readers who have bought Starting from Scratch to read because they weren’t able to borrow it. Sales are up, so many of you are obviously buying it instead of borrowing. But you shouldn’t have to, so I’m annoyed on your behalf as well as mine.
Also I know it’s totally irrational, but it’s an unfortunate coincidence that the one book in the series Amazon is messing me around on is a transgender story. It’s extra galling, because it feels personal.
Anyway please keep your fingers crossed that Amazon fix the issue soon. I will be shouting from the rooftops when SFS is finally back on KU where it should be.