I’m very excited to announce that book 6 in my bestselling Housemates series, Pretty in Pink, is out today!

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NB: This ebook is currently Amazon exclusive and available on Kindle Unlimited along with the rest of the series.

Ryan isn’t looking for a relationship with a guy—and Johnny isn’t looking for a relationship at all.
Ryan’s always been attracted to tall, leggy blondes—normally of the female variety. When Johnny catches his eye at a party, Ryan’s interest is piqued even though he’s never been with a guy before. The attraction is mutual, and the amazing night that follows opens Ryan’s eyes to his bisexuality.
Experience has taught Johnny that love hurts. Staying single is safer, and there’s no need for complicated relationships when hooking up is easy. When he moves in next door to Ryan, they’re both interested in picking up where they left off, and it seems like an ideal arrangement: convenient, mutually satisfying, and with no strings attached.
Despite their best intentions to keep things casual, they develop an emotional connection alongside the physical one. Both begin to want more from the relationship but are afraid to admit it. If they’re going to work things out, they need to start being honest—first with themselves, and then with each other.

Although this book is part of the Housemates series, it has new main characters, a satisfyingly happy ending, and can be read as a standalone.

Length: 58,000 words approx
Cover art: Garrett Leigh
Series link: http://tinyurl.com/housemates-JN