I know I usually keep my monthly update mostly writing/publishing focused. But today I’m adding an extra little happy dance at the start while I tell you that I started hormone therapy today. I’m now on T (testosterone) and am very excited/happy about that, so wanted to share it with you :)
So… back to business.
What’s new?

Watching and Wanting (Housemates 4) came out in January. It’s the latest addition to the Housemates series, and follows the series theme of sexual discovery.
What’s next?
Next up from me will be an audio release I think. Practice Makes Perfect (Housemates 3) is currently in production. I’m hoping that will be out sometime in March.
Also hopefully in March I’ll be releasing the next Housemates book in ebook/paperback. I’ve been writing the first draft of Starting from Scratch (Housemates 5) all through January and am happy to report that it’s nearly finished. It features Ben and Sid who you meet briefly in book 4. Ben is a trans guy, although that’s not mentioned in book 4, but his journey is the focus for Starting from Scratch.
What’s in the pipeline?
I’ve contracted Mark Steadman to narrate Imperfect Harmony, so that will be out in audio later this year. I have another French translation in the pipeline, three more Italian translations, and two German translations.
I’m not sure what I will be writing next after Starting from Scratch – those of you who follow me will know I don’t plan very far ahead – but I have several ideas I’m kicking around and will see which one bites (I’m mixing my metaphors and I’m not sorry).
I also have a couple of short stories that I recently got the rights back to, and am trying to decide whether to publish them as they are or extend them. So I have plenty to keep me busy and out of trouble ;)
I think that’s all my news. Thank you for reading/following if you got this far.