Hey guys!
I’m here with my usual monthly update on all things book related.
November was an incredibly busy month for me, both with writing and personal/family related stuff. I’m happy to report that it was very productive. I managed to complete my Nanowrimo goal and wrote just over 50,000 words during November.

As you can see, I managed it by the skin of my teeth. Or if you want to put a more positive spin on that, you could say that I paced myself perfectly to avoid burnout 😉 There was a dicey patch mid month when I lost my flow, but I managed to get back on track and catch up!
As a result I’m very happy to report that Watching and Wanting (Housemates #4) is almost complete. I think a few thousand more words will wrap it up.
What’s New?
December saw the release of A Family for Christmas.

This is my seasonal novella for 2016. I’ve been utterly thrilled with the response to Rudy and Zac’s story. It made it to #1 in gay romance in the USA, UK and Canada. Thank you so much to everyone who has bought/borrowed/read and recommended it 🙂
I also had an audiobook release in November, this was for What Happens at Christmas, my 2015 seasonal novella. It’s narrated by Mark Steadman.

You can buy the audio version at Audible, Amazon and Apple. Remember if you already purchased the ebook from Amazon, you can get the audiobook from Audible at massive discount.
If you’re new to audiobooks, you can sign up for a free month’s trial and download What Happens at Christmas as your first listen!
What’s Next
I guess I already answered this question above. Watching and Wanting (Housemates #4) is scheduled for a release in late Jan. I haven’t decided on a date yet but will announce that with a blurb/cover reveal in a few weeks. So watch this space if you want to know more.
I can confirm that Shawn’s story is a little bit sweet, a little bit kinky, and a lot sexy. So I think it’s a pretty good fit for the Housemates Series.
What’s in the Pipeline?
Nothing (eek), apart from Housemates #4. Once I’ve sent that to my editor I’ll be having a couple of weeks off over Christmas, but I’m sure my brain will be ticking over with ideas for what to write when I get started again in January. I’m waiting to see which plot bunny shouts the loudest.
Best wishes to you all for the holiday season and I’ll be back with an update in January.