Hi everyone
I’m very pleased to report that Why Love Matters raised another $964.43 during July (see screencaps below for the royalty details). I’m going to split those proceeds between Stonewall and the Albert Kennedy Trust this time. (Long story, but I had a few issues with the HRC signing me up for membership things I didn’t want after donating to them last month). AKT is another great LGBT charity who help homeless youth here in the UK.

The total in GBP is around £730 with the current exchange rate. I rounded up to £750 and have donated £375 to each of the charities.
Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 10.45.44Screen Shot 2016-08-01 at 10.48.41
I have now made Why Love Matters free at ARE, and have uploaded it as a free read at Smashwords too (soon to be on Apple, B&N etc too hopefully). Once it’s on Apple, Amazon should price match it and with a bit of luck it will be free everywhere.
My reason for making it free now is that I don’t want to have to account for a tiny income stream from the book indefinitely, but I also don’t want to keep any money I make from it. The sales have slowed right down now, so this seems like a good time to turn it into a freebie.
Once Amazon price match it, I’ll work out the final royalties for August and will pay those to Stonewall 🙂
Thank you to everyone who supported this venture.