Why Love Matters: Fundraising update

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I promised that I’d update with details about how much was raised by Why Love Matters and provide proof of donations. Now June (release month) is over I’m back with that information.

The response was amazing – thank you everyone for buying, reading, sharing etc… and I’m thrilled to announce that in total Why Love Matters earned $2467.14 from Amazon and ARE in total. As I’m a Brit, I converted that to GBP (giving me £1853) and then rounded that up to £2000. I have therefore donated £1000 to each of the charities (Stonewall in the UK and HRC in the US). I had to convert back to USD for the HRC donation so they got $1331.

Here’s the screencaps to show the earnings. Book Report is a tool I use to help keep track of Amazon earnings. If you’re a self-published author and are not familiar with it, I recommend it!


Here’s my confirmation from Stonewall….

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 09.46.55

And from the HRC


If you haven’t already bought Why Love Matters and would like to, here are the details. I’ll update again at the end of July.


Cover design: Garrett Leigh

Alastair needs help overcoming issues with touch and physical intimacy in order to clinch a business deal with some demonstrative Italians who prefer hugging to handshakes.

Martin, his assistant, has the perfect solution. His mother runs cuddle workshops, which could help Alastair overcome his fears—if he’s brave enough to try. Alastair is nervous not only because of the workshop, but also because he will be sharing a room with Martin, who’s starred in his fantasies more often than an assistant should.

Alastair reluctantly decides to give it a try, so they head to a commune in Wales where Martin grew up. The weekend at the commune with Martin proves to be transformative in more ways than one.

All royalties from sales of this story will be split equally between two LGBT charities: The Human Rights Campaign in the USA and Stonewall in the UK.

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Author of LGBT romance. Trans (he/him), Parent, cat herder, professional procrastinator.
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  1. bjwilliams26 says:

    What a wonderful achievement x🐝x

  2. Helena Stone says:

    Wow, you and your book did amazingly well. Since the book is wonderful I’m not surprised, just delighted. I hope you’re very proud of what you’re doing here <3

  3. Eric McDermott says:


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