So… June was quite a month. For me, it was mostly a month of personal upheaval and self-discovery. Sadly that means it wasn’t a very good month for writing because I didn’t have a whole lot of headspace left. It wasn’t all bad though. I went to Euro Pride Con in Berlin and had a great time with some wonderful people. And I also had two new releases.
What’s new?
I released two books in June. One was scheduled — Practice Makes Perfect (Housemates #3), and the other was a rather impromptu decision — Why Love Matters.

Why Love Matters is an old fanfiction story that I reworked for publication to raise money for LGBT charities. If you want to find out more about it you can find the details in this post.
What’s next?
My next release will be an audiobook. The Law of Attraction has completed production. I’m in the middle of proof listening to it today, and it should hopefully be live on Audible, Amazon and Apple sometime during July. Best estimate is 2-3 weeks time. It’s narrated by Matthew Lloyd Davies and he’s done a gorgeous job with it.
What’s in the pipeline?
*Looks guilty* Due to June being a crappy month for writing I still don’t have a title or cover or anything for my next book… or indeed a finished manuscript. I added a paltry 5000 words (still better than none, amirite?) to my WIP in June, bringing the current total to 30k. But my deadline is approaching and I’m hoping that will galvanise my arse into gear very soon. So hopefully by my next monthly update it will be finished, beta read and with my editor. By then I should have a title too. But I can tell you it’s a YA/NA story (they’re just 18 and in their final year at school) and it is a bodyswap story. I was having fun writing it till my brain went off the rails, but I think I’m ready to get back to them next week. If all goes well, this story will be scheduled for early September.
I’m also very happy to announce that after the success of Helping Hand in audio, I’ve contracted Mark Steadman to read Like a Lover (Housemates 2) for audiobook. That will hopefully be released sometime in August.
Giveaway (NOW CLOSED)

This is my sneaky way of seeing who is paying attention to these update posts 😀
Please comment below to win one of my ebooks (winner’s choice). And if you’re one of my super loyal readers who already has all my ebooks *hugs you hard* then enter anyway. I can post you some swag instead, or credit you with an early copy of a future release.
Thanks for reading, have a great July and send all the ‘write the damn words, Jay’ vibes my way please <3