I can’t believe it’s May already!

How was April for you?

What’s New?
April brought Imperfect Harmony.

Also new in April was Rien de Sérieux – the French translation of Nothing Serious.

What’s Next?
The Italian translation of Helping HandUna Mano Amica – is due to release on May 12th.
I’m hoping to have two other release announcements in May, but neither of them are confirmed yet because they’re still in production. If all goes well I should be bringing you the French translation of Helping Hand, and also the audiobook version of Helping Hand. Please watch this space for news!

What’s in the Pipeline?
I managed to finish book three in the Housemates series. It’s called Practice Makes Perfect and I will be publishing that sometime in June. I’m hoping to get the cover and blurb on Goodreads sometime this month. I’ll blog about it when they’re ready :)
I only finished drafting that last week so I’m currently poised between projects, but I think I know what I’m going to write next. I have a vague outline (vague is as good as it gets for me), and have the prologue and first chapter pretty clear in my mind. I’m looking forward to diving in. Hopefully I’ll have lots more to say about that in my next monthly update.

Have a great May, everyone, and thanks for reading if you’re here <3