Self-publishing is a complicated balance of running your own business as well as writing the books you’re promoting/selling. I love self-publishing, I love being in control of my own work, but the admin that self-publishing generates eats into my writing time a little more than I’d like at times.

In an attempt to streamline some of my systems, I’m switching over to a new way of sending out information about ARCs*/new releases to blogs. I’m setting up a mailing list through Mail Chimp (a fab free newsletter service), and will contact anyone on that list whenever I have a new ARC to distribute to review blogs.
If you were already on my mailing list for ARCs, you should have got an email with this link already. But if there are any review bloggers reading this who would like to receive ARC offers from me for future releases, please can you sign up here:
Jay’s Blogger Mailing List
I promise not to spam you. You will only get messages offering ARCs, notifying you of buy links when they go live, and maybe occasionally telling you if I have a book on sale or free for a limited time in case you want to share that with your followers.
If you get fed up of me, you can unsubscribe at any time :)
Please note, the blogger mailing list is only intended for review bloggers, not for general readers. I have a mailing list for readers here where I send out reminders about new releases.
*ARC = Advance Review Copy = A copy of a book that’s distributed to review sites before the book is released with the expectation that they will read and post an honest review.