Hey folks
If you’re coming to the UK Meet this year and would like to reserve any of my paperbacks, please can you fill out this order form. You don’t need to pay me anything in advance, it’s just to get some numbers so I can try and make sure I bring enough copies. If you reserve a copy, I will hold it for you and you can pay me in cash on the day (or via Paypal from your mobile device if you prefer).
I need numbers this week, so I have time to order copies for the meet. Please fill in the form by Friday 14th of August.

Here’s the list of available titles with prices:
Nothing in Common (the Nothing anthology) £8.00
Not Just Friends £7.00
The Little Things £7.00
The Dating Game £5.00
Jeu de Séduction (TDG French translation) £5.00
The Marrying Kind £5.00
Cold Feet £5.00
Passing Through £5.00
Helping Hand £5.00
Like a Lover* £5.00
*Like a Lover is out Sept 4th, it’s a spin off from Helping Hand and tells Josh’s story. I’ll be posting a blurb and cover reveal soon!