Amazon like to keep me on my toes. Helping Hand took over 30 hours to go live and nearly gave me a nervous breakdown, because I was afraid I’d miss my planned release date and book blast. In a hectic change of pace, All Man took less than 2 hours to go live :)
I’m not complaining… well I am a little because I had plans for this afternoon that involved things like actually unpacking from my holiday, and washing my hair. But new releases trump unpacking. Hurrah!
Universal Amazon link (should open your Amazon region):
All Man is a spin off to Top Me Maybe? But they aren’t marked as a series, because TMM is already part of the Secrets Collection and it can’t be part of more than one series on Amazon.
Both stories read fine as standalones so there’s no need to read both, or read in order. But if you haven’t already read Top Me Maybe? it should be free this weekend, so you might want to hold off one-clicking that one till the discount goes live later (midnight pacific time).