The contract fairy (aka Dreamspinner Press) came while I was sleeping and I woke up to four new contracts in my inbox today 🙂

These contracts are particularly exciting because they’re something new to me. They are contracts for books of mine that have already been self-published in ebook format, but Dreamspinner Press now own the audio rights to Cold Feet, The Marrying Kind and Passing Through along with the foreign language rights to Cold Feet, The Marrying Kind, Passing Through and The Dating Game (apart from TDG in French because that is already coming out in French very soon.)
This is wonderful news for me, because the outlay involved in producing audio and translations is significant for a self-published author. Plus Dreamspinner have the contacts and expertise necessary to secure translations in many different languages. I’m thrilled to be working with Dreamspinner Press again, and am very grateful for the opportunity to reach more readers and listeners.
Watch this space for announcements about forthcoming audiobooks and translations!