Another month has gone by already. Writing these updates is an interesting exercise in self-evaluation, because when I go to write the new one I have to look back at the one from the previous month to work out what’s changed since then. It’s encouraging to see that even after a month like May, where I feel as though I’ve been wading through treacle and making no headway, I can see that I’ve actually been more productive than I thought.

Cheery huh? But alarmingly accurate sometimes!

I’ve been struggling recently. I’m not sure why exactly. Maybe it’s a delayed reaction to a shitty, stressful winter? But whatever the reason, I’m finding things hard right now. Motivation and confidence are low and procrastination is high. But I’m reassured by memes like the one above (posted by a Facebook friend) because it reminds me that I’m not alone.

I started a thread on Facebook about these crises of confidence, and that post resulted in a wonderful, positive conversation with other authors. Edmond Manning ended up writing a post about it over at Prism Book Alliance which I recommend you reading if you’re in a slump yourself.

I’m powering through and telling myself that I’m normal (apparently – who knew?) and that this negative phase will pass. I’m in a trough at the moment but that line will curve up again eventually, because that’s how I roll. I’ve been here before and I’ll be here again.

So… navel gazing aside…

What’s new?

May was a month of more audio releases for me. Nothing Special and Nothing Ventured are now both out in audiobook format via Audible, Amazon and Apple. You can find links and samples of those (and all my other audiobooks) on my audiobooks page.

What’s next?

On Friday 5th June I have a short story called Top Me Maybe? coming out. It’s a short, light, sexy read that was fun to write. You can read the full blurb and bookmark it on Goodreads.

Then on Friday 26th of June I’m releasing Helping Hand. This one is also on Goodreads if you’d like to bookmark it there.

What’s in the pipeline?

As usual I don’t like to say too much until first drafts are complete. I put one WIP on hiatus in the 2nd week in May because I got stuck, and started a different one. Hopefully I’ll finish at least one of those during June, and will have it ready for publication in September. We’ll see!

As always, please watch this space or my social media accounts for more info, and feel free to hit me up with questions at any time.

Thanks for reading, I hope June is a great month for you.

Jay :)