After a morning of yelling at the computer, I’m happy to announce that Passing Through is now available for pre-order in the following places:
(and all the other Amazons just change the .com part to your region)
All Romance Ebooks
Please ignore the fact that Smashwords have a release date that’s two days late. Apparently they won’t let you pick one that’s less than ten days ahead (this was one of the causes of the yelling because I didn’t know this – oops). But there seems an override option on the dashboard, so I will make it live on Feb 20th as soon as I wake up, I promise 🙂
Edited to add: I’ve been able to edit the date on Smashwords, so I’m hoping it will go live there on the 20th just like everywhere else.
I’m relieved to know from other more experienced authors that the yelling and freaking-the-fuck-out is a completely normal part of the self-publishing process *tips hat to RJ Scott and NR Walker*
Eight more sleeps till release day!
Thanks for reading