I’m very excited to announce that my forthcoming novella, The Dating Game, can now be pre-ordered via Amazon.  Here are the links to the main ones, apologies if your country isn’t represented but if you search for Jay Northcote on your local Amazon you should see The Dating Game listed.


Release day is Monday 22nd of Sept, and if you pre-order it will be automatically delivered to your kindle on that date.

The ability to take pre-orders is a new option available to smaller publishers and indie authors so it seemed silly not to take advantage of it. I was intending to only put it up the week before, but then found out that it has to be up for at least 10 days for pre-order… so I figured I may as well list it now because the files were ready!

The Dating Game is another light read from me. It’s mostly sweetness, smut and minimal angst, so if you enjoyed Nothing Serious and Nothing Special you will hopefully like this one too.

It’s also my first self published title (not counting my free read), and I’ve worked my socks off to bring you a quality product. It’s been professionally edited as well as read for content prior to editing, and proof read after editing. So I’ve had a similar level of editing/checking on this book as I had with my titles from Dreamspinner Press. I’m really proud of the finished product, and I hope you’ll enjoy it if you decide to read 🙂

If you’d like to see an excerpt you can find one on this page.