My short story An Invitation is out today in the Dreamspinner anthology of erotic short stories, Juicy Bits.
Juicy Bits blurb:
What’s your favorite part of a romance? If you like the juicy bits—the moments when two or more sexy men can’t wait any longer to satisfy their cravings—then this anthology is for you. These stories of strangers, casual lovers, established couples, and friends who can no longer deny the passion between them push the limits and set the pages on fire. In a scorching collection of erotic scenes ranging from funny and sweet to hardcore kinky, the guys get right to the meat of the story. Whether they’re in the shower, in the locker room, at the office, on a moving train, or just connecting over the phone, they keep things steamy, sticky, and most of all, juicy.
An Invitation blurb
Jake meets his new boss, Cal Mackenzie, at a temp job and the attraction is instant, but he’s not sure whether it’s reciprocated. When Jake makes a move, it’s very clear Cal is interested—only not while Jake is working for him.
Despite Cal’s instructions to behave, Jake can’t resist flirting. So on Jake’s last day, Cal shows him what happens to people who break the rules and Jake learns a lesson over Cal’s knee that he won’t forget in a hurry.
An Invitation extract
Jake moved to stand behind him. He was a couple of inches shorter than Cal. His slim frame was lost behind the breadth of Cal’s powerful shoulders, but he could easily see over them. He met Cal’s cool gaze in the mirror. The splash of the water in the sink was loud in the otherwise silent space and then stopped suddenly as Cal turned off the tap, leaving them in silence. Jake drew in a shaky breath and stepped closer. He pressed himself up against the hard length of Cal’s body, and he knew that Cal would feel his erection. Without breaking their gaze, he reached around and cupped the bulge of Cal’s cock and balls through the fine fabric of his suit trousers. Jake rubbed and fondled until he felt Cal start to stiffen against his palm.
Cal’s eyes fluttered shut, and his lips parted slightly. Jake dropped his head onto Cal’s shoulder. He inhaled deeply, breathing in the warm musk of Cal’s skin through his shirt. The scent went straight to Jake’s cock. He pushed harder against Cal’s arse and continued the movement of his hand, exploring the shape of Cal as he thickened rapidly under Jake’s questing fingers.
But then a cold, wet hand gripped Jake’s wrist and stopped him. Jake snapped his head up in surprise and looked at Cal in the mirror.
Cal shook his head. “No.” His voice brooked no argument.
“Okay, of course…. Not here. But we can go somewhere else,” Jake offered desperately, ashamed of the neediness in his tone but unable to hide it.
Cal turned and put his large hands on Jake’s hips, putting some distance between them. “Not while you’re working for me.” His voice was firm, but his eyes were kind.
“I’ve only got another week,” Jake blurted out.
“I know.” Cal smiled, and then he dipped his head to press a firm, but utterly chaste, kiss against Jake’s lips before releasing him. “But in the meantime, you need to behave.”
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