Guest: Jay Northcote – Leaving Home and New Beginnings

I’m being hosted by the very lovely Posy today, author of the North Star Trilogy.

Posy Roberts


Not Just Friends begins with one of my main characters—Lewis—moving into his hall of residence (what US readers would call a dorm) at university. He doesn’t know anyone there, all his friends from school are scattered at different unis and colleges around the country. Lewis is starting over.

It was early evening when Lewis’s stuff was finally all unloaded and his parents were ready to leave. Lewis accompanied them down to the car park to say his farewells, a mixture of excitement and anxiety swirling in his belly. He’d barely spent any time away from home before, just the odd few days here and there for school camp or scouting trips. The distance between Bristol and his home in Kent meant he was unlikely to go home to visit very often. It would be several weeks before he saw them again.

Lewis’s mum hugged him hard before finally releasing him…

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About Jay Northcote

Author of LGBT romance. Trans (he/him), Parent, cat herder, professional procrastinator.
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