Anyone who follows my blog has probably noticed that I’m a rather irregular blogger. Blogging isn’t really my thing, I’m much better in 140 characters or less unless I’m writing stories. But this week has been very exciting so I thought I’d post a little round up of all the good stuff 🙂
Firstly – I just found out that I was one of the winners in the Author of the Month Poll over at Mrs Condit and Friends which is hugely exciting and such an honour. Thank you so much to anyone who voted!
I’ve also had some really lovely reviews on my second book The Little Things. It’s been out for a fortnight now and inevitably the response has been mixed. I always thought it would be a bit of a ‘marmite’ book (love it or hate it) because it’s not very typical for the gay romance genre. But that means I love it all the more when I get reviews from people who really clicked with the book and appreciate it for being a bit different.
Finally, I just got an email this morning to say that my third book has just entered the editing stage at Dreamspinner Press, so it looks as though I’ll be getting a round of edits in before Christmas. I assume DSP let us have some time off for good behaviour between Christmas and New Year though? I hope so!