Pre-release review: 4.5 stars for Nothing Serious


4.5 Star pre-release review for Nothing Serious from Cindi at On Top Down Under Book Reviews:

I really enjoyed this book. Both main characters are very likable and you immediately feel compassion for each as they battle with themselves over their feelings. Mark doesn’t go from a shy virginal character to knowing all there is to know about gay sex. I liked that a lot. I’ve read so many books where the shy virgin becomes a sex expert during his first encounter so it was nice to see that Mark still had a lot to learn. Jamie was an amazing “teacher” and an all around good guy. I also love how the author wrote Rachel. She wasn’t written as a bitter ex, though she had been the one hurt the most over Mark coming out. She was a great character and I applaud the author for making her so.

Overall, a very enjoyable read. Great characters. Great story. Great read. I look forward to reading more by this author.

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About Jay Northcote

Author of LGBT romance. Trans (he/him), Parent, cat herder, professional procrastinator.
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