Nothing Serious is out one week today!


It feels as though I’ve been waiting for this date forever, and although it’s wonderfully exciting, realistically I know that when the date comes it will just bring more waiting. Waiting for feedback, waiting to see if it sells, waiting for the next release (it’s only a month till The Little Things is out, so not long for that at least), and waiting for edits on my third book.
I suck at waiting. The last time I remember being this impatient about something was when I was pregnant and I just wanted to get that pesky baby out of me. At least waiting for publication doesn’t give you backache, kick you on the ribs from the inside and make you need to pee all the time, but the nervous anticipation is definitely all too familiar.

So… in the meantime I’m trying to stay busy, not watch pre-order and Goodreads stats too obsessively (yeah right) and keep the words coming on my current WIP. It’s a solid plan. If all else fails I can switch the internet off and hide in a blanket fort with my kindle–anyone want to join me?