I was feeling a bit meh earlier. I’ve had a bad back so have had to skip the gym for a couple of days, and with release week looming I’m a bit anxious and finding it hard to focus. I did manage to do a little writing this morning, but then realised I was mostly staring at a blank screen and flopping around uselessly while the sun was shining outside. This amazing autumn weather is too good to miss, so I donned my walking boots and headed out.

I was just going to do a short loop through the woods, but once I was out it was too good to rush and I had fun taking photos of pretty things that I saw along the way.

My forthcoming release, Nothing Serious, is set in a small fictional market town in South Gloucestershire which is the county where I live in the south west of England. There is one scene where Jamie’s having a crisis and he goes for a walk in the countryside to try and clear his head. These are the sort of things that he might have seen along the way–although not the apples because Nothing Serious is set in the spring time. Imagine this picture with bluebells instead of celandines.

I’m feeling much more chilled out after getting outdoors for a change of scenery, and even better–my characters started talking to me while I was out. So, now I feel ready to get back into my WIP and get a few more words down. Win win 🙂

What have you been up to today?