I’m very happy to announce that I recently signed a contract with Dreamspinner Press for my third book 🙂

I’d been getting increasingly anxious while waiting. Waking to check email at 2:00 am is not good for my sanity, but once I’m awake I can’t go back to sleep until I’ve looked – is it just me who does that? So anyway, now I’m looking forward to a couple of weeks of uninterrupted sleep… maybe. But with the release date for Nothing Serious, looming on 23rd of October, and The Little Things following just a month later on the 22nd of November, I’m pretty sure there will be more 2:00 am wakings on the horizon!

Not Just Friends is scheduled for release sometime in Feb/March 2014.

Leaving home to go to university is an exciting phase in anyone’s life. One that’s full of new places, new friends, and new experiences. But developing a sudden and intense crush on his flatmate, Max, is not an experience Lewis was prepared for. As the two boys get closer, Lewis is confused by his feelings.

When something finally happens between them, Lewis is devastated when Max wants to go back to being just friends afterwards. Their relationship suffers a little, but their friendship survives. Lewis tries his best to move on, but the feelings he has for Max don’t go away. When Max finally admits he cares for Lewis too, will Lewis listen to him and give him a second chance?