Talk about it! MLNPstar Dale Cooper on the importance of speaking sex

Written by MLNPstar Dale Cooper. Watch his #realworldsex videohere!

Hi there. My name is Dale Cooper, and I was very kindly asked by the lovely Madam Curator, Miss Sarah, to jot down some of my thoughts on sex and cameras. I am a performer in gay pornography by occupation, and recently became a contributor to — my first video was released on June 5th. Sarah asked me to share my thoughts on #realworldsex and #pornsex, and I am happy to oblige, as I do both with some regularity and think about them often enough.

I fairly recently got through Denis Diderot’s Les bijoux indiscrets (The Indiscreet Jewels), a fable first published in 1748. In it, the male protagonist, the sultan Mangogul, is given a ring by a genie which compels tales of sexual misadventure to be spoken. The women of Mangogul’s court would…

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