inner critic

Familiar? *sigh*

I’ve set myself a writing challenge this month. After successfully managing to draft my first original fiction novel during NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), I found that working to a daily writing target is really helpful for me. So I decided that June is MyNoWriMo (see what I did there?) and I’m attempting to get another novel drafted–if not by the end of June then by late July when my kids break up for the Summer holidays.

But some days I find it so hard to get started, and today was one of those days. Yesterday was great, I got 1k written by lunchtime and I just got stuck in early and did it. But today I had non-writing-related work that I had to do first, and so I was kicking around ideas at the back of my mind while I got other stuff done. But the longer I had to put it off the more stressed out I got about my impending writing time. By the time I opened my document I’d thought myself into a horrible negative corner of but where is this story going? and maybe it’s just boring and maybe I should just give up on it. My inner critic was being a shouty bitch and I literally had that stomach churny ugh feeling.

So anyway. I managed to catch my inner critic, shove a sock in her mouth and open my doc. And now, an hour and a half later I’ve managed to write about 700 words (so half of my daily target) and a blog post. Yay!

How do you get your inner critic to shut the fuck up? Any top tips?