My first novel has been picked up by Dreamspinner Press, and is due out sometime in Oct or Nov 2013. I’m ridiculously excited and also a little terrified, but I assume the terror is normal – yes?
Unless the title changes during editing, it will be called The Little Things.
It’s the little things that brighten Joel Mason’s life. His beautiful daughter Evie is one. His close relationship with her mother—his one and only university girlfriend—is another. But it’s his relationship with Dan that adds spice to his child-free nights. When tragedy strikes, leaving Joel as Evie’s fulltime parent, his relationship with Dan suffers before coming to an end.
Meeting Liam, who acts as if getting hurt isn’t a foregone conclusion, shakes Joel to the core. Their attraction is mutual, but Joel has big issues to consider. His fear of loss—for himself and for Evie—leads him to reject Liam; a decision Joel regrets. Asking Liam for a second chance might seem a small step—a little thing—but is it one that Joel can take?
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